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All our boats have been purpose designed and built in our own workshops at Linslade to provide the most spacious and comfortable accommodation.

Our narrow boats provide the key to unlock the treasures of the beauty and tranquility of the British Canals.
The boats are built on the traditional lines of the working narrow boat but are designed and fitted out to enable you to travel in comfort and style while you leisurely cruise through the English countryside.
All our narrow boats have been specifically designed to cater for the needs of an increasingly sophisticated holiday market, with unequalled spaciousness and a light and airy interior. They have a passage through the boat all at one floor level and over 6ft 2in headroom.
The tiller steering is much more precise, quicker in operation and has more feel than a wheel, and it is a great advantage to have the whole boat in front of you.

Each berth is provided with an under blanket, fitted sheet, duvet and cover, pillow and pillowcase. All fixed double beds have interior sprung mattresses and four pillows. Extra bedding is always available. Please ask the pilot who shows you through your boat.

The Engine
All craft have reliable diesel engines (no ignition worries or fire dangers) with single lever controls. This one lever operates both the throttle and gear shift.
All engine rooms are well sound proofed to reduce noise and vibration both inside and outside the boat. 'Waterways World' boat report on 'Snowdrop'- 'The Lister Engine installation is one of the most successful we have encountered, noise and vibration being well below that of many four cylinder water cooled engines'.

Carpets & Flooring
Many of our boats have fitted carpets throughout except in the galley and bathroom.

We do not allow pets on some carpeted boats.

This can be of special interest to crews who suffer from allergies caused by pets. All carpeted boats carry a small hand held vacuum cleaner.
All our other boats have attractive vinyl flooring with several large carpet mats.

The Galley
The well equipped modern galley has a stainless steel sink, full size cooker with grill and large oven, easy clean worktops, electric refrigerator, generous storage space and a full inventory of hotel crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils.
Many crew returning say how effortless working in the galley is with everything close at hand.

Headroom & Bunk Size
All boats have over 6ft 2in headroom with all bunks having a minimum length of 6ft 2in.
Many boats have greater headroom and longer berths. If you have any tall crew members please phone our office for individual boat headroom and bunk lengths.

Electrics and Lighting
All our boats have 12 volt electric lights throughout. The power is supplied from the engine through large heavy-duty traction batteries.
There is a separate battery for starting the engine.

240 Mains Voltage.
On all boats there is a 200 watt minimum output inverter with household square pin sockets.
This means that on all boats you will be able to:-
1. Recharge Ni-Cd battery packs as used for portable telephones and camcorders.
2. Operate low consumption appliances such as razors.
Some are fitted with larger inverters and their boat equipment includes a 1200 watt hair dryer, toaster and a V H S video player.

Entertainment Centres
All boats carry a colour T V/DVD Combi, and a C D, radio & cassette music centre in the saloon.

Water and Water Filters
All boats carry large fresh water tanks. Although there is a gauge fitted to most boats we recommend the tank is filled daily. A hose, reel and connector are stored aboard.
Although our tanks are regularly treated there is a 'springclear' drinking water filter fitted to the cold water tap in the galley. This filtrates and freshens the water.

All boats are fitted with the latest fresh water flushing vitreous china toilets with large holding tanks.
These toilets are simple to operate and have a water seal between the toilet and holding tank.

All our boats have a combination of hopper windows over the bunks and sliding windows in the galley & passage to give the best ventilation in both good and wet weather. All forward facing windows are double glazed.

Heating & Hot Water
Copious hot water is supplied to the household size shower, galley sink and wash basins via an automatic pump.
The whole fleet is fitted with gas boilers which provide full central heating via radiators. There is also a large airing cupboard and heated hanging cupboard which can prove invaluable in wet weather.

The Saloon
All boats have saloons large enough to sit the whole crew. The settees are covered in dralon with scatter cushions. This provides a warm comfortable position to relax and watch colour television or the passing scenery through the panoramic windows.

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